From winter 2015/16 we have been taking part as a church in the Hope4 winter night shelter. Each night of the week a different church in Rugby hosts a night shelter for 15 people who would otherwise be homeless.

People are needed to serve in the evening team, over night, and on the Friday morning breakfast team.

For more information about this really important work, and to find out how you can get involved, contact the Church Office.

History of Hope4

Hope4 Logo

A focus group, Rugby & District Churches Focus Group on Homelessness, was started in 2005 by members of local churches who were concerned about the the homelessness problem in Rugby. This group was also known as Hope4U. As it developed it became registered as a charity and the name became shortened to Hope4. The charity members started working with Rugby Borough Council and national charities for the homeless to improve the situation in Rugby, and also started fund-raising for a Day Centre for homeless and badly-housed people.

Hope4U started in 2005

At the same time, people involved in Hope4 decided to open a venue providing free hot food and drink for homeless people, called Hope4U, for a short period over Christmas in 2005 in the Rugby Crackerteria cafe. This was so clearly needed that they decided to keep running three times a week in the Rugby town centre and moved to St. Andrew's church.

The Hope Centre opened in 2010

In autumn 2009 a possible site for a Day Centre was found and Hope4 started renting the building and converting it. The new Day Centre opened in February 2010 for three sessions a week, with a part-time support worker. Since then the opening hours have been extended to every day, and a second support worker appointed.

Numbers of guests were rising, so the decision was made to purchase a permanent larger property to provide Hope4's work. The Hope Centre at 8 Newbold Road was bought, partly by donated money and partly by a mortgage, at the end of 2014 and formally opened in March 2015. In April 2015 Hope 4U moved its ministry there.

Purpose of Hope4

Hope4 aims to relieve homeless and badly-housed people in Rugby and works to prevent homelessness. Hope4's strategies are:-

  •     Run a day centre, the Hope Centre, for homeless and badly-housed people.
  •     Run a 'food ministry', Hope4U, providing hot food and drinks to adults in need.
  •     Run a Winter Shelter to provide beds and breakfasts for rough-sleepers during the winter months
  •     Work with local agencies that help homeless people or people in danger of becoming homeless
  •     Influence the homeless support projects implemented by Rugby Borough Council.

Who can be referred to the Hope Centre

Please note that the Hope Centre is not a drop-in centre. All guests at the Hope Centre need to be referred by an appropriate agency with a completed referral form.

Only those identified as homeless and/or badly-housed will be able to use the Hope Centre.

The Hope Centre Referral Procedure, Form and Admissions Policy Guidelines can be downloaded here

Badly-housed is defined, for the purposes of Hope4, as one of the following:

  •     evicted after temporarily staying with friends or family – proof required
  •     staying in a hostel or bed and breakfast – proof required e.g. letter from the landlord
  •     living in poor conditions that affect health – GP letter needed
  •     living somewhere with no legal right to stay there (e.g. a squat) – proof required

Rugby Winter Shelter

In December 2011 the Rugby Winter Shelter, overseen by Hope 4, opened for the first time in partnership with seven local church overnight venues. Now in its fifth year the RWS has helped, on average, over 50 different guests each winter, over a four month period